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(BOOK 1)

Deadly Connections is the first in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series that follows Alaric Weird, a half-alien, half-human Sorcerer with dissociative identity disorder. His main goal is to understand his family's curse and use it to protect himself and his family from genocide by magic. Elizabeth Key is a human sorceress from one of the most prominent families in the magical community. She has a reputation as a Black Widow and Angel of Death. She will make a new name for herself when she kills a Grim Reaper and sets up Daniel Costa to take his place.
Alaric gets drawn into this conflict by his magical clone Alton and his father, who were instrumental in killing the original reaper. Our group of rebels will take on the established Magical Community and the Convocation of Reapers to stay alive, gain the power they seek, and solve the mystery of why the Mages want Dan's fiancé Sophie Smith dead.
Our heroes will divide the convocation of Reapers and upend the entire magical community. Magic always has a steep price, but the alternative is an eternity in the Valley of the Shadows of Death.

This dark fiction contains various triggering situations, such as graphic violence, graphic language, death and near-death situations, child abuse, torture, blood/gore, and explicit sexual situations.

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